All the News That We're Willing to Print

By now, most people reading this site will have heard the news:

The Internal Revenue Service said Friday it has lost a trove of emails to and from a central figure [Lois Lerner] in the agency’s tea party controversy, sparking outrage from congressional investigators who have been probing the agency for more than a year.

This is a serious matter.  Obviously, the loss of the e mails could conceivably be innocent, but the circumstances suggest otherwise.  Instead, the circumstances suggest that there was quite a bit of dirt in those e mails.  The AP, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal have reported the matter.

Yet, the New York Times has so far not been willing to cover the story.  As others have said and a google search confirms, the Times has not reported on the matter.

What possible justification could be given for this?  I cannot think of one.  One might believe that a sense of integrity and or least a fear of embarrassment would cause the Times to at least report the story, even if it were buried — but apparently not.

It is my sense that newspapers play to their readers.  New York Times readers are liberal and so the Times caters to their prejudices.  If that is so, then it will only be the outrage of New York Time readers that will lead the paper to behave differently.  So I ask the readers of the New York Times: Where is your integrity?  Where is the outrage?