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Past Reviews

The Radio Right
A Review of The Radio Right

Talk Radio, Take One

Right-wing radio broadcasters were a crucial, but now mostly forgotten, element of the Republican Party’s rise in the South.

A newsletter worth reading.

Capital and Ideology
A Review of Capital and Ideology

Fables of Neoliberalism

For Piketty, the Hayekian turn in the 1980s was a long planned ideological triumph, but his narrative omits certain crucial details.

Thomas Jefferson's Lives
A Review of Thomas Jefferson's Lives

Reinterpreting Jefferson

Jefferson remains indispensable to the American story, the wordsmith of our most noble ideals and symbol of our most awful paradoxes.

America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding
A Review of America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding

America’s Founders Acquitted

Reilly not only vindicates the founders, he provides arguments that are so strong that a competent grand jury would not even allow the case to go to trial.

In Search of the Soul
A Review of In Search of the Soul

The Inescapability of the Soul

Even with (literally) a lifetime of experience under our belts, human beings are not fully transparent—even to ourselves.