Friday Roundup, May 31st

  • In our Books section this week James Ely reviews the new paperback edition of The Supreme Court in the Early Republic:

The central theme of Casto’s account is that the early Supreme Court justices sought to uphold the policies of the fledgling federal government.  Casto maintains that the federal courts in the 1790’s can best be understood as national security courts.  The recurring wars between Great Britain and France posed serious challenges for the Washington administration as it sought to chart a neutral course.  The Supreme Court lent support to the government in a variety of ways.  For example, it extended admiralty jurisdiction to encompass prize cases, thus helping to reign in the operations of French prize courts on American soil.  Similarly, the Court affirmed a broad power in Congress to levy excise taxes and sustained the authority of the government to wage an undeclared war against France.

  • Work on your core: The quasi-nationalized education curriculum that is the Common Core comes under sustained attack.